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This new company was founded and developed exclusively for internet marketing… (ONLINE)

The company has been operating in the field of car (hereinafter referred to as car) body parts trade for 17 years. The company has been known by the name of SIA "DIVI AUTO" since January 2002. The extensive experience accumulated during these years in the sale of car body parts allows us to be one of the strongest leaders in the car body parts market.

As the company employs car body specialists with long-term experience in this field, they are happy to help with valuable advice or other valuable information. By purchasing a product, you will receive not only a low-priced product, but also answers to your questions regarding car body parts, car headlights and other valuable information.

Currently, "DIVI AUTO" has a really wide range of car optics, from retro car headlights to this year's car headlights, fog lights, taillights, turn signals, auxiliary lights, bulbs, tuning elements, etc. Headlight and fog glass are also available.

Engine covers, fenders, decorative grilles, bumpers, repair thresholds, repair arches, mirrors, mirror glass, number plates, bumper covers, plastic door covers (moldings), decorative moldings, door handles, spoilers are available from the car body parts. Of particular note is the large number of tosol radiators, the number of air conditioner radiators. One of the most demanded things for the winter season is the engine hoods - there are 2 types: fiberglass fibers, which are 2 times stronger than the originally installed and ordinary fibers, which can be installed instead of the original.

Car windshields are offered, i.e. plastic, which is placed on the top of the windshield of the car and serves as a windshield. Their functionality ensures, for example, that cigarette ash does not enter the cabin by shaking a cigarette through the window of a moving car, eliminates one of the most pressing problems, i.e. freezing the neck or head, and opening a small window during rain prevents rain from entering the cabin. And of course it looks very good!

For regular partners, we offer customers flexible discounts.

Our cooperation partners include natural and legal persons and state and municipal companies.

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